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My daughter Suhita

Well, the most important member of our family, at present, is my daughter Suhita. She was born on the 14th of January, 1998, in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. The day was very auspicious because it was "Sankranthi", the festival of harvest. She was born at 4.40 a.m. The photograph on the left was taken by my friend Dr Aquil (that's why it is good ... Imagine me taking good photographs!)

What does the name "Suhita" mean?

Suhita is a combination of 2 words: "Su" for "good" in Sanskrit, and "hita" which also means "good". So Suhita means "too good"! We can only hope she personifies her name.
For more photographs of Suhita, click any of the link below:
Suhita01 Suhita 02
Would you like to hear Suhita's voice. Click the link below (Your web browser should have Real Media player to hear her voice):
Suhita's Voice

My wife Nirmala with the cynosure of our family, Suhita.

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